This Week, I Read Adedayo Agarau: The Arrival of Rain

Image Credit: Loren Gu via Unsplash

This week, I read The Arrival of Rain, a collection of poems by Nigerian poet, Adedayo Agarau. The poems in the book concern love, loss, war, and family. Agarau writes heart wrenching, gorgeous free verse poems. It was difficult to choose just one to discuss. All of the pieces fit so well together to form a cohesive collection.

“the origin of loss” is a piece about a boy who has been shot. The speaker says “there is nothing as lucid as a dead boy / & his mother kneeling beside the halved moon
leaking out of his body / a shadow sinking into the ground.”

” on my grandfather ’s farm a bird fell off a tree / i remember it today /
the silence to come after the thud /” the speaker says, thus evoking that moment of silence after something or someone has plummeted to the ground. When something light and beautiful has been ended, forever.

“a man who mourns the night with his body pulls
the trigger / a boy whose dreams are pleasant flowers & sunbeams / minarets & clarinets /
falls / isn’t / that everything / to mourn or be mourned “

The killing is senseless, wanton violence, which makes the loss that much worse. All that is good inside of the boy has been extinguished, forever.

Agarau’s work reflects both the inner and exterior conflicts that the poet has experienced. The work is emotional and brave. I highly recommend it. The Arrival of Rain is available through Vegan Alcoholic Press.

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