To find out more about me, or to hire me as an editor, you can visit my website: https://jessicadrakethomas.com/

Would you like me to review your book? Have any reading suggestions for me? Use the form below to get in touch! Please note that I schedule reviews a few months in advance, due to the volume of requests that I receive.

I review poetry collections and chapbooks, as well as works of fiction(my preference is generally in the horror/weird fiction, but I also have interest in science fiction and fantasy). Please include the page count, as well as a brief summary of the work with your request.

I promote writers of many backgrounds, including LGBTQIA, writers of color, and writers with disabilities. I do not promote books or writers that advocate hate speech, violence, or discrimination.

I reserve the right to not write a review. I will, however, provide feedback on my reasoning.  I don’t review nonfiction, YA, or children’s literature.

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